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Ruggedly cute NEO-looking boy on E train looking for...(you are wierd)

Reply to: anon-97593055@craigslist.org
Date: 2005-09-14, 7:50PM EDT

Yeah, we shared a moment. A moment of sheer discomfort. A moment I wish to never repeat.

Of course I heard your question about the book. You asked it several times, each time with increasing volume, as though you thought I might be hard of hearing. I noticed the karate "outfit" (gi, is it?) and to be honest I initially thought you were a little off, you know, mentally. Like a mentally challenged kid. So I didn't really know what to do. But your craigslist posting is fairly well-written, so I'm pretty sure you're just creepy. There's probably a Japanese word for that, but I don't need to know it. Ever.

To reiterate (that means to repeat, which means to say again, like you did, embarassingly, with your karate question until the entire subway car was silent with embarassment for you), I definitely heard you screaming your wierd war/karate question at me, and I definitely ignored you. No, I am not interested in finding out where that conversation was headed. Mostly because there is nowhere that "Is there karate in that book?" can reasonably go.

To make my one and only karate joke ever in my life: We're not "goen" anywhere.

P.S.-That joke was not meant to be flirty.
P.S.S.-Karate jokes in general are never actually used for flirtation.

You wrote:
I was on the E train coming home from karate class, and i was still wearing my 'gi' (that's japanese for karate outfit!).

You were a very pretty red head with dark rimmed glasses and stunning green eyes. You were reading War & Peace.

I tried to start a conversation with you about the book. (I said "Hey, does the war in that book involve karate?") But I don't think you heard me, and then you got off the train.

I think we had a moment.

Interested in finding out where that conversation was headed? I have some pretty kickass karate jokes that usually kill during karate practice, so I'm sure you'd enjoy them.

Contact me if you want to see where our "goen" takes us. (That's Japanese for FATE!)


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