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April 12, 2012

I received this message though my contact form and I am now going to make fun of it.

Hi Will,

The reason for this email / note is that I am leading a search for a specific dev and think you might be a good fit.

I obviously do not have a good understanding of your skill set or what is you would want to do... but having said that, this is the reason for this note.
I am hoping you can spare a few mins to chat about what it is you do and more importantly what it is you want to do.
I always take a sincere approach and would hope to figure out what it is you want and see if what Im working on makes sense.
Please contact me on my cell at anytime... [redacted]


So basically, you know nothing about me, but you think I "might be a good fit." And you would like to talk to me to "see if what Im working on makes sense." I'll help you out with that, Syd. Whatever you're doing, it probably makes no sense.

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