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February 25, 2012

These three things have nothing to do with each other

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February 5, 2012

I watched the Super Bowl and I have three ideas to save football, although it probably doesn't need saving.

1) One team, none of this offense/defense stuff
Football teams really aren't teams, are they? They're two different teams that have nothing to do with each other, plus a couple of guys who are good at kicking and maybe some other guys that are good at other weird stuff that I don't know about. Baseball teams are one team (at least in the National League). That's cooler.
2) People should be able to throw forward passes whenever they feel like it
How often does the quarterback get past the line of scrimmage? I have no I idea, really. But wouldn't it be exciting if they could pass after that? Even though I imagine it wouldn't get done that much, it would create a whole new range of strategic options.
3) Teams should have a quota of players from their own region
This one can really apply to any sport. How many New York Giants are actually from or around New York? Again, I have no idea. I do know they play in New Jersey though. I could get more into routing for a team if they were actual representatives of my home state and current city, instead of people from wherever bought by the highest bidder. I probably wouldn't get that into it, but still.

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