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October 6, 2010

I'm still the greatest Ice Climber player that ever lived, and don't you forget it.

You may remember I broke the world record for Ice Climber for the NES in 2007. Since then, news on the Ice Climber front has been slow. No one's submitted a score for it in the last three years, and I've remained on top.

Little did I know that in late 2009, people started submitting scores for the arcade version of Ice Climber, which is called Vs. Ice Climber, because that's how Nintendo named its arcade games at the time. A few months ago, this came to my attention and I set out to beat the score. I've never seen a Vs. Ice Climber machine, and I doubt many people have. According to klov, there are only three working machines in the world. Fortunately, you're allowed to use an emulator, unlike my NES record, where I had to use the original hardware.

Vs. Ice Climber is sort of Ice Climber 1.5 (despite the fact that wikipedia says it came out before NES Ice Climber). It has more boards, different music, wind, bees, and if you get far enough, instead of the pterodactyl/condor at the top of the mountain, there's a giant moth. Why is there a giant moth? I don't know, why do Eskimos have eggplants?

Just between you and me, internet, I had the score beaten a while ago, but I wanted to hold out until I had a score that really creamed the other ones, just to send a message to stay off my Ice Climber turf.

Here's the link if you still don't believe me:


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