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September 29, 2009

Happy birthday diogenesclub.net!

It's been five years since I made the first post, an innocuous discussion of the usage of y'all. And since then, the innocuousness has kept coming at a slow trickle.

It's a website that few can spell, and even fewer can explain why I chose the name (it's after a dinner club in Sherlock Holmes, not Diogenes the Cynic). Or why it's .net instead of .com (I just liked the ring of it better). It's a blog that started just as blogging started to become passé. It's a way for me to put stuff I do online without having to go to the trouble of updating redheadedleague.com. It's gone through phases of twitter-esque brevity and long-winded, angry movie rants. And it has never shied away from the tough but important topics, like itself.

So what do the next five years hold for the club? Who knows. But thanks for reading, everyone.

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September 13, 2009

LOL is going to be on TV Monday night!

If you like acronyms, you're going to love Comedy Central Monday night at 2:30 AM. My rap video, LOL, is going to be on Atom TV. You can check out what else is going to be on here and if you'd prefer to get to bed at a reasonable hour, you can watch it here.

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