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May 18, 2009

Probably the only time I'll be compared to The Beatles

Last month's issue of Blender magazine devoted two pages to a showdown between the worst band names of all time, including The Beatles, Limp Bizkit, and my college band, Skabba the Hut. We seemed to be representing every terrible ska band that took a common term and figured out a way to put ska in it somewhere, although if it were me, I would have nominated The Ska Skank Redemption, which shockingly enough is not defunct.

Here are the scans to prove it:

(click through for the whole thing)

Sadly, we were beaten out by The Cherry Poppin' Daddies and the title eventually went, deservedly so, to Hoobastank.

In other Skabba related news, our former guitarist Brian Grosz, now of Dogs of Winter, has released a free album called From Soil To Shale and you can download it here.

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