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February 11, 2009

Google has stopped indexing this site past the home page

I used to be able to find old posts of mine with google. (For those of you who don't know, you can search one specific site by putting in something like: "site:diogenesclub.net google has stopped indexing this site.") In the past few months, however, this has stopped working. The only page on diogenes club that will come up in google for any search is the home page (a search for diogenes club, for example). Try it yourself. Go to the archives, find a sentence, put it quotes around it, and put it into google, don't even add the site:diogenesclub.net. You'll either get a No results found... Here's some results without the quotes message like this, a search for "An old woman offered me a seat on the subway this morning", or you'll end up with some weird spam site that scraped the text from diogenes club and put it on theirs like this, a search for "Do the people that make Bazooka Joe comics care about anything?" That's right. Google thinks random spam sites full of gibberish are more interesting than diogenes club.

Try those same searches on yahoo. Diogenes club comes up. Try them on MSN, they're there too. Even ask.com has them for crying out loud! (As a brief aside, jeez, ask.com, lighten up with the ads, would you?)

You may remember me inventing the term identity theftee in 2005. Google doesn't have it. Yahoo, MSN, and ask all confirm that I'm still the only person to have ever typed those words on the internet.

In short, what the hell, google? How am I going to make fun of people who end up on random old posts and leave stupid comments? I doubt I'm blacklisted, because you can still get the home page in the results. Is this happening to anybody else? It must be. Try it on your blog. This passive aggression will not stand!

Update: diogenesclub.net is back in google, so you can stop using bing now.

Posted by Will at February 11, 2009 11:03 PM


I went into my archives and chose a random sentence (Last time I was in Ohio, Matty came to see me); without quotes it didn't turn up in the first three pages of results, and with quotes it returned only a search (with the built-in wordpress search, I think) for the word sister. Weird. I will investigate further.

Posted by: Annika at February 12, 2009 8:07 AM