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July 26, 2008

Here I am at Comic-Con

First off, I'm happy to announce that Paraphrase Theater won the award for best comedy. You can read about it at the official site. I was so surprised, that all I could muster for an acceptance speech was, "Thanks," and when the presenter encouraged me to say more, I replied, "That's all I got."

I bet you'd like some photos of the event, and I'd like to give them to you, but all I have is a disposable camera I bought at the airport, so you'll have to wait until I get it developed. I'm kind of surprised they still sell those things. You could probably buy a cheap digital camera for the price of two of them. But who am I to judge, I'm the one who bought it.

Comic-Con is a bit overwhelming, that's why I'm here in the hotel, blogging on what I'm told is the busiest day of the event. It was too busy for me on Thursday, the least busy day of the event, so I'm not in a big rush to get down there. Which isn't to say I'm not having a good time, of course. There's just a limit to how many people in anime outfits that I don't recognize bumping into me I can take.

But I got to see some neat panels, got my picture taken with Pikachu, and all kinds of stuff. I'll tell you all about it when I get back and have pictures to go along with it. Now, back to the convention center.

Update: It'll be a while before I can upload my own photos, but until then, this picture of me awkwardly accepting the award was uploaded by the official Star Wars blog:

The rest of the album is here

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July 23, 2008

I'm off to Comic-Con!

See, Star Wars Paraphrase Theater is playing in the Atom Star Wars fan film festival there. I've always been curious about these kinds of things, but I've never had a good reason to go to one. Now I do. It's hard to imagine there'll be enough stuff there to keep me busy all weekend, but who knows. I'm here at the airport now, which is where I've been for the past four hours or so. If I spent four hours a day at an airport, I'd probably blog a lot more. Although I'd probably just blog about how much I hate spending so much time at the airport.

But anyway, if you're going too, drop me a line, or if you want me to pick up a copy of Detective Comics #27 for you or anything, leave a comment.

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July 15, 2008

The Spirit trailer is the most mind-blowingly awful thing I've seen this year

The studio has been doing its best to delete it off youtube since it was leaked, so I feel a personal responsiblity to share it with you, so you too can revel in its badness.

Behold, the truly terrible trailer for The Spirit.

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