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April 25, 2008

You probably read the same sites I read, but I'm going to repost some links from them anyway

This turtle is just too much

There's a guy who draws one picture of Wolverine every day and he's outdone himself this time. Arguably not safe for work, but I'm sure none of you would never waste your employers' money and read diogenes club during work hours.

And two, count em two, who's on first videos:
One by Yoda and Jar Jar and
one by people who are apparently unfamiliar with it.

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April 19, 2008

This is a screenshot from Amtrak's website

Really, Amtrak? You can predict when your trains are going to arrive within two minutes?

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April 9, 2008

A dull list of all the exciting things I did for ign

In 2006, I applied to be a reporter/critic for ign.com's film section. Much to my surprise, I got the job. And kept it for about two months. I was told that they had hired a new editor and he was bringing in a new staff. That's probably true, but I'll never be entirely sure of whether or not it was because I did a lousy job. Now you can judge for yourself. Here is the entirety of everything I did for them in my two month tenure in chronological order.

A Wonderful Film
An roundtable interview with the director and some of the cast of The Great New Wonderful. I want to note that I didn't come up with the title.
Lady in the Water video interviews
The Paul Giamatti one is the favorite out of all of the video interviews. It was my first one ever, and probably the best.
My Super Ex-Girlfriend roundtable interview
I remember this roundtable as one of the one of the most inane I had the pleasure of attending.
My Super Ex-Girlfriend Review
My first review, and the most positive one I'd give, which ain't saying much.
Trust the Man video interviews
I've actually never watched these, because I didn't think they went that well. I did a roundtable interview for this movie too, but I'm not sure if it was ever published.
Trust the Man review
I hated this movie so much, I had to tone down my review so people would believe how much I hated it.
10th & Wolf Review
I didn't go to the press screening for this, I just bought a ticket. I got to expense it though.
Crossover roundtable interview
This roundtable was me, a room full of black people, and another white guy who would not stop saying "the n word." Not the word that the phrase refers to, I mean literally "the n word." It was embarrassing.

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April 3, 2008

I hear you like funny videos

So check out my friend Ted's Funny or Die page:


I haven't watched all of them, but my favorite so far is The Joke.

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