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February 25, 2008

George Lucas is a racist and marcwitt2003@yahoo.com is all for it

Remember when I made a post about how racist Phantom Menace was, some five or six years after it came out? Well, marcwitt2003@yahoo.com came to the same conclusion some three or so years after that. After googling "george lucas is a racist", Marc (I'm guessing that's his name from his email address) found my post on Lucas' racism and had this to say:

Episode 6
George decided to put the required Chinese and the required black character
into the script.
Comically they lasted as long as it takes to say "she's gona blow" and "I'm
hit" THERE's equal oportunity at work! The funny thing is I think it was
OF ILM OR LUCAS FILMS....NO WHITE PEOPLE DID> So quit your whining! White
people rule cuz we have more to offer.

Wow, Marc. Congrats on being white. And congrats on inventing on those special effects techniques. Oh wait, I forgot, you didn't invent that stuff, or anything of note, and you never will. You're just some inbred hick that can't spell. I'll admit, you have more familiarity with Return of the Jedi minutia than I'd expect from the average racist, but you had nothing to do with anything any other white person or any other human being has ever accomplished, so quit trying to take credit for it.

Spammers, if you missed his email address the first couple times, it's marcwitt2003@yahoo.com. Have at it.

Posted by Will at February 25, 2008 1:15 AM


Dear Will,

You really went all out. Good job! Well here's the complete picture.

The reason I Googled the accusations on George Lucas is that I've never understood how anyone could possibly complain about his work. George's accomplishments are so extreme that I find it amusing that anyone can even come up with some sort of a theory of racism. It's comical! I've heard many claims over the years, and I thought it was worth reading the details on-line that are out there.

I was watching episode 6 today and I did notice that two disposable characters happened to be Black and Asian. (I thought, Is this what everyone is complaining about?) Maybe after two other Star Wars films, he was pressured to meet some kind of hiring quotas to appease some kind or "rules" in hiring practices....Who knows. Racial hiring rules are ridiculous! And any demands like this is enough to make any Film Artist feel disrespected.

There are plenty of good films like "Beauty Shop" or "Waiting to exhale", Daddy's little girls etc that have nearly all black casts. NO ONE EVER COMPLAINS THAT THOSE FILMS ARE MONO RACIAL..

Why? Because, a complaint like that would be RACIST!

I guess that in America it's only okay hate White people! Maybe we should all really complain even more.

Let's sue NASA for putting only white astronauts up in the 1960's
Let's throw out any medical achievements made by Caucasians
Let's Demand that the Latin music Awards allow River Dance ....Sure that would make the world better...right?


George Lucas is not guilty of any wrong doing and he deserves EVERY BIT OF THE PRIDE IN HIS WORK, AND HIS CULTURE. STOP THE HATE!

Posted by: Marc Witt at February 25, 2008 5:33 AM

Well Marc, I'm surprised you wrote back, so thanks for that. I was going to write a long rebuttal, but honestly, I don't think we're going to change each other's minds on anything. And really, you're not even responding to anything I've said, you're just going off on a big white pride diatribe.

Since it seems like you spent a long time writing that comment up, I'm going to leave it, but as I already regret having given you a forum for your weird brand of passive-aggressive racism, I'm probably going to delete any comment you make from here on out.

Posted by: Will at February 25, 2008 1:36 PM