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January 22, 2008

Alley Insider damns me with faint praise

Ignighter Launch Party: Fun. Next Stop: Growth.

You'll note that they say that I'm a part of "a much more attractive crowd than your average tech meetup."

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January 11, 2008

All the President's Guys

Paraphrase Theater ahoy!

And two updates in one day, what do you think?

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Will: The Movie

My name is a commonly used word. It's a verb, it's a noun, and it's an auxiliary verb on top of its regular verb-ness. And then there are movies with my name in them. Good Will Hunting, Iron Will, Free Willy. I can deal with all that.

But now we have Will, some movie starring somebody from High School Musical. I find that strangely irritating. It's like they're stealing my soul to make some stupid teen coming of age movie.

I probably shouldn't note that I find things irritating, because people usually use that as an opportunity to irritate me with them, but what the heck.

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January 1, 2008

Nicholas and Alexandra is an awful movie.

As you know, I put movies on my netflix queue and by the time they finally arrive, I often have forgotten why I put them on there to begin with. With Nicholas and Alexandra, I figured out the reason: It has Tom Baker (the fourth Doctor Who) in it, in a relatively small role, playing Rasputin. Not really worth the two hours and change. Here's the scene after Nicholas abdicates the throne:

I make it all the way through most of my mystery netflix movies, but a bit after the intermission, I decided that I didn't need to see the whole thing. Again, nothing really to say about it, just needed to share the pain of having seen it. And if someone else has seen it and something awesome happens at the end, like Nicholas becoming radioactive and flying to Venus, let me know, I'll put it back on my queue and forget why it's there again.

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