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August 24, 2005

Every long winded story about a film festival has an end

While I've probably told all of you in person about the entirety of my Montreal trip, for the sake of completeness and the handful of strangers that end up here, here's the last Montreal post.

Robin's Big Date was part of program of other superhero related shorts. I had seen a few of them online, but most were new to me. Some were better than others. A guy behind me was constantly muttering to his friend about how this and that one sucked. That guy was making me nervous. Whenever a movie of mine is screened, I'm usually more nervous about there being some technical glitch than I am about the audience's reaction, probably stemming from the first screening of my junior film, Duck Duxon in Ducklear Warfare, where the picture was entirely white and the audio was pretty much incomprehensible.

But fortunately, there were no glitches and I heard the guy behind me mutter, "All right, that one was pretty funny." I got up for the Q&A with the guys who made Punisher: First Round. People seemed to be more interested in their movie, I was only asked one question, how did I get Sam Rockwell to be in it. One of these days I'll have to come up with a funny answer to that.

The audience liked it though, it was good to see it in front of people, especially people I didn't know. Nobody ever laughs at the parts I think are funniest, but I suppose I shouldn't complain, if they laugh, they laugh.

The rest of the trip was uneventful, except for a brief and very enjoyable meeting with an old friend, Jonas, who had moved to Montreal some time ago. We had a few beers, more than my "hadn't really eaten in two days" stomach could really take, but we made it through all right. We both offered to pay the bill, but I won seeing as I had a bunch of Canadian bills that were about to be useless to me. And some other stuff happened that I've either forgotten about or have decided isn't that interesting over the last few weeks.

So long story short, Montreal - fun, Robin's Big Date - well received. More as it comes.

Posted by Will at August 24, 2005 3:15 PM