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March 8, 2005

Computer solitaire is the first thing they make you do in hell

On the subway this morning I decided not to read my boring compilation of Doctor Doom/Namor team-ups and to look over people's shoulders. I noticed a woman playing solitaire on her Palm. And as if solitaire wasn't pointless enough to begin with, this woman had it set up so that all she had to do was to click on a card, and it would just go where it needed to go. Not only that, but occasionally, cards would just fly up to the aces pile without her having to do anything at all. So all she had to do was click on the deck to get another card, and then click on that card. I hate to talk about the Jetsons twice in one week, but that was basically George's job, he just sat at a desk and pushed one button all day. I realize that video games, by nature, are ultimately pointless and just a way to while away your free time, but, geez, get some Tetris in there or something, at least you have something to do with the outcome. That lady might as well have been watching Solitaire: The Movie. As I left the subway, I noticed that the Palm, while otherwise in perfect condition, had a worn down spot where the deck was.

Posted by Will at March 8, 2005 4:13 PM