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December 18, 2004

Assorted thoughts

I'm a real blogger now, I have comment spam.

Often when I'm reading an email from a friend, I will subconsciously read the letter in the voice of the person who wrote it. Is that a natural human thing to do, or do I do it just because it happens in movies? On a related note, I once had a dream that I had become six inches tall, but my imagination could only picture me with 70's-esque bad superimposition lines around me.

The Hazzards just release their first EP, So Pretty. I play drums, trumpet, and sax on it. I think it's good. For some reason, we also played in the subway last weekend, and made seventy-five dollars in two hours. Now, the girls probably pull in more money than the average guy playing an annoying two-string eastern instrument, but let it be known, if you can sing and play an instrument, you could probably learn a couple popular tunes and make more money than you do at your current job.

And man, do I not get this.

Posted by Will at December 18, 2004 6:39 AM