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October 2, 2004

Wait - I started a blog?

I hate blogs. Blogs, at their best, are people who are well versed in a given subject opining on that subject so drily that only the most hardcore fans of the subject can stand to read through it. At their worst, they're exercises in vanity, with people rambling on about nothing, talking about what they had for lunch, and posting stupid pictures of them and their stupid friends.

So one day I woke up, and oops, a domain that I had owned for four years but never knew what do with is now a blog. My roommate, a professional skateboarder, was interviewed by a skateboarding magazine, and the interview went something like this:

Was there anything that confused you about skateboarding when you were growing up?

Yeah. Skidz. I never understood those. What confused me even more was when I started wearing them.

So, ha ha, now I'm wearing Skidz. In a conversation with Brian, who has been blogging for what now, five years, I noted that I'd like to rant about this and that, but that the people I'd be ranting about would probably end up reading it. 'That's the paradox of blogging,' he said, although I don't think he actually used the word paradox. Well, I haven't told my parents about this yet, I could complain about them, but they're pretty nice people, sadly. I have a handful of ex-girlfriends that'll probably never find this. Yeah, so screw you Laura Macininch or whatever your name was, I never liked you that much anyway.

I suppose my point is that I'm a hypocrite. And now the occasional rant that I'd make to people about topics they don't care about will now be preserved on the internet forever so my grandkids or my pet robots will be able to make fun of me when I'm old.

Posted by Will at October 2, 2004 3:19 AM


Shut up. You like it!

Posted by: sydney at October 4, 2004 10:02 PM