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October 14, 2004

Oops, we won

Last year we entered a competition called NYC Midnight, a filmmaking contest where you have two weeks to make a movie with a genre and topic of their choice, and then, in the second round, you have twenty-four hours. We made Open Spaces. We were runners up in the first round. We were decidedly bitter. This year, they added a screenwriting contest. Cas wrote a very funny script about penis enlargement spam, and I wrote a script about a guy who saves the world from destruction, but only to make people feel more guilty when he committed suicide. Cas placed, I didn't. We were decidedly bitter.

And then the filmmaking competition rolled around again. Cas stepped up to the plate and wrote False Alarm. We made it to the second round. The day of the second round approached, and we readied as best we could, but how much can you really prepare. We shot all day. I scored and Cas edited all night. The final output of the movie to tape put us both into hysterics. No, not because the movie was funny, it was, kind of. Not because we were delirious from sleep depravation, we were. But because we were so confident that we would lose. The latter half of the movie was like some kind of horrible fever dream. We rushed it in with fifteen minutes to spare, and I was convinced that we would not only lose, but we would be genuinely embarrassed at the screening the next day.

Well, as you may have gleaned from the title, we actually won. All told, we beat some hundred and forty filmmaking teams and a lot of movies that we both liked. The cast and crew cannot be thanked enough, if one of them hadn't been there, we couldn't have done it. For those of you waiting to see it, the movie will be posted on the rhl as soon as we take out some of the more embarrassing edits that we didn't have time to fix.

Long and short of it is, with our friend Jon Togo becoming a regular on CSI Miami, and my friends and former bandmates, The Bravery becoming international rock stars, it's nice to have a little pat on the back saying, hey, you're not doing that bad, Will.

Posted by Will at October 14, 2004 6:02 AM


Hey guys,
Quite honestly I did a search on the internet for Jon Togo because I'm a big fan and I stumbled across your site. I was surprised to find that you have screenwriting and musical associations. I am, among other things, a musician and an aspiring screenwriter and reading about your adventures with entering screenwriting competitions was extrememly ironic as I am, as we speak, currently procrastinating on my short I'm writing for our local film festival. Small world. Anyway, I just wanted to give you guys a nod and say "hey". I made a yahoo group to support Jon's career... naturally I'd love to have people who actually know him involved, but I understand what it's like to be over-committed. That said, if you like, the URL is listed above.
Thanks guys, and keep on truckin. :)

Posted by: Candy at October 19, 2004 6:10 PM

Finding your site absolutely made my day--I got an early morning chuckle from a couple of your movies and all because of a simple search for a certain J. Togo on Google. When I have more time I will thoroughly browse through your site, thanks for the kicks--cheers~


Posted by: Mel Williams at July 9, 2005 10:45 AM